About Maple Street Music

In 1991, Jim Hendricks became one of the first artists to record music specifically for the gift market. A friend approached him from the Benson Company and an agreement was reached for Jim to do a number of acoustic instrumentals of hymns, mountain folk, Americana and old time cowboy music. After the first release in "91, Jim's music became very successful and in four short years he recorded over 30 different CD's and had sold over a million units. In 1995 the Benson Company was up for sale and by '96 Jim decided to launch out on his own and that was when Maple Street Music LLC was born. The name was chosen because almost every town, big or small, had a Maple Street address and it brought back memories of a time when entertainment was sitting on the front porch pickin' and signin' the great old songs of this land. Now with over fifty-five releases and many more genre's of music, Maple Street Music has become firmly established as one of the premier gift market companies in the business. As time changes our formats and down loaded music becomes the priority of the day, Maple Street Music will offer these choices but we will never forget our roots and the music that is truly America's best.